Hernando Massage

All appointments require 24hr cancellation or a fee is charged.




30 Minute Child Massage -

A gentle massage for children ages 8-14, that can relieve anxiety and promote circulation.
30 minutes.....$25.00 

30 Minute Neck/Back Focused Massage -

A therapeutic massage focused on the neck, back, and shoulders.

30 minutes.....$35.00

Swedish/Relaxation Massage -

The perfect massage to alleviate the day to day stress you experience. Swedish (Relaxation) allows the body to absorb more oxygen and increase the speed at which the cells in your body eliminate their waste. In turn, this helps bring you to a state of relaxation, healing, and rejuvenation.

60 minutes.....$49.00   90 minutes.....$74.00   120 minutes.....$99.00

Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage -

This massage stimulates muscles that are deeper from the skin's surface. Specific areas are focused on with a more deep/direct pressure. Contracted and painful areas are loosened and unwanted toxins are released, which in turn, improves overall circulation.
60 minutes.....$55.00   90 minutes.....$85.00   120 minutes.....$115.00

Prenatal Massage -

A full body massage that assists to smooth and relax the muscles that are burdened during pregnancy. This massage is thought to improve a mother's delicate health through relaxation, which enhances overall well being and comfort to your baby in the womb. Most importantly, this service pampers a deserving mother. Must be at least 12 weeks in gestation.
60 minutes.....$49.00   90 minutes.....$74.00

Hot Stone Massage -

A full body massage with warm/smooth surface stones that emanate heat, that penetrate deeper into the muscle for a more profound relaxing effect. Circulation and overall health is improved to your cells.
90 min relaxation.....$90.00   90 min deep tissue.....$105.00 (2 hr hot stone available also)

​Upgrades Available -

We offer a variety of add on services to enhance your massage experience.
Hot Towels.....$5.00   Aroma Therapy.....$ 3.00   Sugar Foot or Hand Scrub.....$7.00

Back Stones.....$7.00